Message from representative director

To make our company the ultimate truck body specialist

Yashika body
Company, Ltd.
Hiroyoshi Hoshi

Thank you very much for visiting our website. Our company, “Yashika Body Company” was originally established as Hoshi motors in Yokohama, Japan in 1963. Our history is now longer than half a century, and it is built together with all the customers who love our company.

We learned many things from our customers, and at the same time, we receive a lot of warm-hearted support. This has helped us to grow and develop.

We have acquired skills, tradition and trust from our long history. While we will continue to appreciate our customers’ support and develop more, we will look to the company’s origin of producing unique products, and continue to try new innovations for the benefit of our customers. Our dream is to make our company the ultimate truck body specialist.

Our motto has been and will continue to be “we support the local transport through our thoughtfulness and skills.” That way we can be your truly best partner.

Best regards,
Hiroyoshi Hoshi

Three strong points

We provide the best service to satisfy our customers. We have 3 strong points which are based on our past experience.

Technological capability

We have skills to make your requests reality

Building on the experience of over 50 years, and the superior skills we have acquired through the unique trucks we have made, and the speedy and careful response to any kind of request, makes our customers’ order a reality. We will put our best into each and every truck. Our trucks will not be ready for delivery, until our engineers are satisfied that they are the best possible trucks they can make.  

Proposal capability

Our priority is customers’ savings

To make customers’ request come true, we will focus on what the main concerns are, and give our best ideas as a proposal. We can save cost and time this way. Once you contact us, you can order everything including body work, refrigerator device, painting, customized electrical devices and even building an entire system through us.

Response capability

For customers’ happiness

We, the specialized equipment division, are happy to hear challenging requests for emergency vehicles or unique one-off car. Even though bigger companies may have declined your request, we would like to make it for you. Service division expands the business based on community, so we can provide detailed services once you call us, we will be there right away for you.

Company profile

Company name Yashika Body Company, Ltd.
Established August 1st, 1994.
Head Quarter 3329-5, Shimobayashi, Ishioka-city, Ibaraki, 315-0131, Japan.(MAP
TEL:0299-44-8844 FAX:0299-44-1839
Representative Hiroyoshi Hoshi (Representative director)
Capital 35,000,000 yen
Business Repairing car bodies, making and modifying

Company history

February, 1963 Hoshi mortars limited company was established in Yokohama-city, Kanagawa.
The company began as car sales, repair service for cars and containers.
February, 1977 Hitachi-shatai limited company was established in Ishioka-city, Iabaraki.
This company is a subsidiary of Hoshi morters limited company.
October, 1987 Hitachi-shatai limited company was renamed to Seiwa-shatai limited company.
November, 1989 Seiwa-shatai limited company changed to Seiwa-shatai Co., Ltd.
August, 1994 In Yasato-town, Niihari-district, Ibaraki (Now Ishioka-city, Ibaraki) Yashika Body Company, Ltd. was established as a subsidiary company of Seiwa-shatai Co., Ltd.
September, 2007 Yashika Body Company, Ltd. Kashiwa service factory opened in Siroi-city, Chiba.
August, 2009 Yashika Body Company, Ltd. Bando service factory opened in Bando-city, Ibaraki.
December, 2010 Yashika Body Company, Ltd. Ushiku service factory opened in Ushiku-city, Ibaraki.
January, 2012 Yashika Body Company, Ltd. Bando service factory moved to Koizumi, Bando-city, Ibaraki.
June, 2013 Yashika Body Company, Ltd. Narita service factory opened in Shibayama-town, Sanbu-district, Chiba.
May, 2014 Yashika Body Company, Ltd. Tokyo branch opened in Shnbashi, Minato – ward, Tokyo.

Affiliated companies

Having financial ties with us, sharing many kinds of information, having interaction of people and job.

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