Specialized equipment division

Yashika’s specialized equipment division works on extremely unique truck bodies. Even if it seems it’s impossible to make, we put all our energy to make it. For the customers who have a desire for unique trucks, and to make your life safe and secure, we will make the best trucks possible with the skills and knowledge we learned from our vast experience.

Sample of our past projects

Seismic Isolation Experience Truck

This truck has a system to reproduce an earthquake. It also has seismic isolation so you can see how much it works against the earthquake. It can reproduce big earthquakes similar to those which have happened over the past 80 years. It can simulate earthquakes of seismic intensity 5 – 7. You can experience the earthquakes level by level.

Mobile LED Monitor Truck

Have you ever not been able to see what you wanted to see because you are too far from a stage or field when you go to an outdoor live show or a sporting event? Here is the truck you need. You can even see the people’s expressions through this monitor.

Radiological dosage check truck with fast track fiber

This truck has “fast track fiber” to check people’s gamma ray dosimetry. It allows us to be able to monitor the radiation easily and quickly.

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